[Support] [Mage]
Rise of the Thorns
  • Difficulty :
  • Attack :
  • Ability :
  • Defense :
  • Health : 504 (+79 /Level)
  • Mana : 418 (+25 /Level)
  • Crit Chance : 0 (+0 /Level)
  • Attack : 53.376 (+3.2 /Level)
  • Range : 575
  • Armor : 29 (+3 /Level)
  • Magic Resist : 30 (+0.5 /Level)
  • Health Regen : 5.5 (+0.5 /Level)
  • Mana Regen : 15.335 (+0.4 /Level)
  • Attack Speed : 0.625 (+2.11% /Level)
  • Move Speed : 340
[Passive] Garden of Thorns

Seeds spawn around Zyra periodically, becoming faster with level and lasting 30 seconds. If an enemy Champion steps on a seed, it dies.

Zyra can cast spells near seeds to grow plants. Extra plants striking the same target deal reduced damage.

Deadly Spines

Thick vines spread through the ground and explode into spines, dealing magic damage to enemies within the area. If cast near a seed, Deadly Spines grows a Thorn Spitter plant, which fires at enemies from afar.

Rampant Growth

Zyra plants a seed, lasting up to 45 seconds. Deadly Spines and Grasping Roots cast near seeds will turn them into plants, who fight for Zyra. Additionally, Rampant Growth passively grants her plants improved maximum Health

Grasping Roots

Zyra sends forth vines through the ground to ensnare her target, dealing damage and rooting enemies they come across. If cast near a seed, Grasping Roots grows a Vine Lasher, whose short range attacks reduce enemy Movement Speed.


Zyra summons a twisted thicket at her target location, dealing damage to enemies as it expands and knocking them airborne as it contracts.

Born in an ancient, sorcerous catastrophe, Zyra is the wrath of nature given form—an alluring hybrid of plant and human, kindling new life with every step. She views the many mortals of Valoran as little more than prey for her seeded progeny, and thinks nothing of slaying them with flurries of deadly spines. Though her true purpose has not been revealed, Zyra wanders the world, indulging her most primal urges to colonize, and strangle all other life from it.

Wildfire Zyra
Haunted Zyra
SKT T1 Zyra
Dragon Sorceress Zyra