[Tank] [Fighter]
Shard of the Monolith
  • Difficulty :
  • Attack :
  • Ability :
  • Defense :
  • Health : 574.2 (+90 /Level)
  • Mana : 282.2 (+40 /Level)
  • Crit Chance : 0 (+0 /Level)
  • Attack : 61.97 (+4 /Level)
  • Range : 125
  • Armor : 37 (+3.75 /Level)
  • Magic Resist : 32.1 (+1.25 /Level)
  • Health Regen : 7 (+0.55 /Level)
  • Mana Regen : 7.324 (+0.55 /Level)
  • Attack Speed : 0.638 (+3.4% /Level)
  • Move Speed : 335
[Passive] Granite Shield

Malphite is shielded by a layer of rock which absorbs damage up to 10% of his maximum Health. If Malphite has not been hit for 10 seconds, this effect recharges.

Seismic Shard

Using his primal elemental magic, Malphite sends a shard of the earth through the ground at his foe, dealing damage upon impact and stealing Movement Speed for 4 seconds.

Brutal Strikes

Malphite starts to hit with such force that his attacks deal damage to all units in front of him. Passively increases his Armor.

Ground Slam

Malphite slams the ground, sending out a shockwave that deals magic damage based on his Armor as damage and reduces the Attack Speed of enemies for a short duration.

Unstoppable Force

Malphite ferociously charges to a location, damaging enemies and knocking them into the air.

A massive creature of living stone, Malphite struggles to impose blessed order on a chaotic world. Birthed as a servitor-shard to an otherworldly obelisk known as the Monolith, he used his tremendous elemental strength to maintain and protect his progenitor, but ultimately failed. The only survivor of the destruction that followed, Malphite now endures Runeterra's soft folk and their fluid temperaments, while struggling to find a new role worthy of the last of his kind.

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