[Mage] [Assassin]
the Deceiver
  • Difficulty :
  • Attack :
  • Ability :
  • Defense :
  • Health : 528 (+92 /Level)
  • Mana : 334 (+50 /Level)
  • Crit Chance : 0 (+0 /Level)
  • Attack : 54.88 (+3.5 /Level)
  • Range : 525
  • Armor : 21.88 (+3.5 /Level)
  • Magic Resist : 30 (+0.5 /Level)
  • Health Regen : 7.5 (+0.55 /Level)
  • Mana Regen : 6 (+0.8 /Level)
  • Attack Speed : 0.625 (+1.4% /Level)
  • Move Speed : 340
[Passive] Sigil of Malice

When LeBlanc damages an enemy with a spell, she marks the target for 4 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, LeBlanc's next spell shatters the Sigil to deal magic damage.

Sigil of Malice cannot occur again on the same unit for 5 seconds.

Sigil of Malice

LeBlanc projects an orb towards her target, dealing magic damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds. If the target takes damage from one of LeBlanc's abilities, the sigil will trigger, dealing damage.


LeBlanc rapidly dashes to target location, dealing magic damage to nearby units. In the following 4 seconds, she can activate Distortion again to return to her starting location.

Ethereal Chains

LeBlanc flings illusionary chains towards target location. If it hits an enemy unit, it will deal initial magic damage and slow their Movement Speed by 25%. If the target remains shackled for 2 seconds, the target takes additional magic damage and is unable to move.


LeBlanc can cast a mimicked version of the previous spell she cast.

Mysterious even to other members of the Black Rose cabal, LeBlanc is but one of many names for a pale woman who has manipulated people and events since the earliest days of Noxus. Using her magic to mirror herself, the sorceress can appear to anyone, anywhere, and even be in many places at once. Always plotting just out of sight, LeBlanc's true motives are as inscrutable as her shifting identity.

Wicked LeBlanc
Prestigious LeBlanc
Mistletoe LeBlanc
Ravenborn LeBlanc
Elderwood LeBlanc